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Player Info
Name: Amanda
Age: 18+
Contact: [ profile] phasers
Characters Already in Teleios: Effie Trinket
Reserve: here

Character Basics:
Character Name: Kara Souders
Journal: [personal profile] charcoalgray
Age: 16
Fandom: Red Band Society
Canon Point: end of episode 5
Class A: 0
Class B: 0
Class C: 467 years, 6 months (substance abuse, underage drinking, bullying, manipulation, bribery, failure to accept responsibility )
  • Bullying

  • GRAND TOTAL: 467 years, 6 months

    Canon Character Section:
    Red Band Society wiki


    A few words on Kara Souders. I've only known her for five days, but what I've learned is that five days with Kara is five days too many. Because Kara is the biggest bitch I've ever met in my entire life! She's not a queen. She's a dictator. Cold, selfish, tyrannical. She does not deserve your compassion and, most of all, does not deserve this crown.

    At first glance, Kara is your typical stuck-up, bitchy cheerleader. We first meet her during cheerleading practice, where she verbally rips into someone who failed to meet her expectations for perfection. Just moments later she collapses to the floor and instead of rushing to help her, the other cheerleaders pull out their phones and put it on Instagram. Later, we learn that no one visits her in the hospital because they all hate her - everyone except the team water girl, who Kara treats like a personal servant. She describes her high school experience to Leo, saying: “I used to walk down these halls like I was freaking Moses. The crowd would part at my feet.”
    Kara has a sharp tongue and uses it to keep distance between everyone else and herself. She’s rude to the nurses, her supposed friends from cheerleading, the other pediatric patients at the hospital, and her parents. She doesn’t want people to pity her or be close enough to see any weaknesses, and it works - Nurse Jackson refers to her as “Rosemary’s Baby” after only a few hours of knowing her.

    'Cause I believe, like skin, there are layers to you that have yet to be revealed.

    If you can get past her tough exterior, it becomes evident that there is much more to Kara than her “mean girl” stereotype. Although she mocks Charlie while he’s in a coma, she becomes much nicer after ‘meeting’ him while she is unconscious - passing a message on to his dad and arranging to have pizza delivered because she believes it will pull him out of his coma. She also forms fast friendships with the male pediatric patients. When Kara lets someone in emotionally, it's an expression of trust and a test - anyone who betrays that trust won't easily get a second chance.

    When Kara’s moms visit, she refers to her stepmother as “the help” and "step-monster" but later shares a sweet heart-to-heart moment with her. Kara’s moms are tough (specifically: Out magazine's seventh most powerful lesbian couple in Southern California) and she’s learned to also be tough to get what she wants. Unfortunately, she’s still learning the different between powerful and heinous bitch.

    For a teenager, having your parents divorce is bad enough. Having your mom come out as a lesbian and marry your nanny adds to that difficulty. All four of her parents are career-oriented and despite being the only child, she is often not the center of any of her parents attention. Her dad and his wife only visit her once, briefly, and her moms become so caught up in the idea of how they can raise awareness for Kara’s condition that they forget all about Kara. Being the “Tony Soprano” of her high school may not win her friends, but she does get to be the center of attention.

    Leo: Can you ever just give it a rest?
    Kara: If I could, don't you think I would?

    There’s some indications that Kara has spent so long being the queen bee (“I'd rather be feared than loved”) that she no longer knows how to be a kind person. She hurts other people before they can hurt her by verbally tearing down everyone around her. If she is kind it’s in a one-on-one setting or something done with no witnesses. Spurred by the fear of dying and the realization that no one she thought was her friend cares about her, Kara does very slowly become a better person. Emma, the only other girl (and Kara's frenemy) in their group observes: "This morning, you opened up a little bit, and, honestly, it made me see you a little differently. I used to think your soul was black, but now it's more of a charcoal gray."

    In Teleios
    At first, Kara is not going to be thrilled about Teleios, which is missing all the major conveniences a teenage girl from Beverly Hills wants (car, phone, cable, a mall, etc). However there are a lot of teenagers, and even teenagers who have been as sick or sicker than she is, so she’ll find a place to fit in right away. Being somewhere new will not discourage her from her usual “reign of terror” but it’s likely that people in Teleios will not be willing pushovers like so many people she knows at home.

    The other important point regarding Teleios is that Kara is very sick. In canon her health continues to decline, and she experiences at least one TIA and is given a pacemaker. She needs a new heart, and because there is no UNOS she will need to find some other way to address her long-term health issues.

    Powers/Abilities: Despite Kara says “Taking what I want, getting my way, is my superpower” she does not actually have any powers.


    Actionspam Sample:

    [ Even with her sleeping pills (stolen from, but not missed by her dad's new wife), sleep in the hospital doesn't come easily. The sounds alone are enough to keep her awake: shift change in the early morning hours, occasionally an ambulance, the central air kicking on and off throughout the night. On top of the noises, the nurses are in and out nearly every hour to make sure she's in bed, and that her heart's still beating.

    She's an only child who has grown apart from her parents, but she's never been so lonely as she is now. Day after day in the hospital and yet not a single text or call from anyone she thought was her friend. Right now, her only company is a fourteen year old boy in a coma.

    More than a heart, Kara could use a friend and she slips out of bed to talk to Charlie. He won't respond, but he can hear her, and that's all that matters. ]

    Prose Sample:


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